Aqueous organic flow batteries

Large-scale environmental friendliness

The organic molecules that make up the positive and negative aqueous electrolytes can be mass-produced to a large benefit, both environmentally and costwise. Relying on non-toxic, abundant and metal-free active materials, our technology paves the way for the next generation of energy storage.


Every component in the flow battery system can be replaced during maintenance. Due to the electrolytes being stored in separate tanks, the capacity of the battery can be modified independently of the power output. The freedom to choose the size of the battery, and the speed it can be cycled makes it ideal for large-scale applications.


Aqueous organic flow batteries have been demonstrated to perform on par with conventional Lithium-Ion batteries and Vanadium flow batteries in terms of life time, energy efficiency and self-discharge.

What is Rivus?

Rivus is a start-up that is the industrial outlet of the aqueous organic flow battery technology developed at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. Our mission is to help guide the renewable energy development in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Currently, Rivus is in the process of product validation and investigating sustainable scale-up pathways. 

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